Aktivasi Newspapper 8.7.4


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Step 1

Login into your wordpress site control panel. Type ‘www.example.com/cpanel‘ into your web browser.

Step 2

Already in the control panel? You have to be very keen here, messing up with any file can lead you to great trouble with your Website. Go to File Manager then public_html.

newspaper wordpress theme activation

Step 3

Navigate to /wp-content/themes/Newspaper/includes/wp_booster/td_ajax.php and locate this piece of code (which should be around line 926) :

if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === true) {

Found it? Right… Replace ‘true’ with ‘false’… It should Appear like this….

if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === false) {


Save the file.

Step 4

Go back to your word press site and login. From the Dashboard, locate the red warning saying ‘Please Activate Theme’.

Follow the link of theme activation.

Step 5

Use the Manual Activation link.

You can use the Envato purchase code as onlyonekenobi.com and TagDiv activation key as onlyonekenobi.com.

Ivoke the Activate Button, be patient…. Yeap we goo….

‘Theme successfully activated using manual activation. Thanks for buying our product.’ Message will appear

The theme won’t bother you anymore, you will use it till you want to change it to another..

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